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Indo Novo Consulting and Engineers


We provide consultancy to set up business, undertake construction related works and review loss business to profit making units.

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We provide consultancy in following areas – (a) Land acquisition and CLU (b) Project approval from concerned Government Department for passing of zoning and drawings (c) Pollution clearances CTE and CTO and its management (d) Bore well approvals from CGWA and its submission of annual reports (e) Rain water harvesting works planning and design (f) Project completion and Occupation certificate (g) Environment clearance from MOEF and if applicable and its subsequent management – environment audit, six monthly environment report ( h) Planning and design of raods, bridges and culverts (i) Planning and design of sewer lines and STP. (j) Planning and design of water bodies (k) Planning and design of water supply schemes (l) Planning and design of arboriculture works (k) Planning and design of factory complexes and offices and residential buildings (l) Security and protection related works (m) Electrical load sanction (n) Energy audit. ( m) Project Management consultancy for Projects. ( n) Audit business to revive loss making sick units to profit making units. ( m) Fire fighting works design and grant of fire license from Fire Dept (o) PESO license works (p) CEI G inspection of electrical works (q) Factory inspectors license. ( r) Property tax returns. (s) Super vision of construction and billing works.
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